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Tucson Gem Show 2020 Live Streamed Classes

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2/1/2020 & 2/2/2020 10:30am-6pm Jay Whaley Make Your Own Stock (Sheet, Wire,Bezel)

Make Your Own Stock
(Sheet, Wire, Bezel)
Taught By: Jay Whaley

Never be without the stock you need to create your own designs. When you make your own stock YOU are in control, and can create beautiful metal with a predictable outcome!! No need to 'hope' you're getting what you ordered!! In this two-day class students will learn:

  • Why it makes sense to start with pure silver or gold and alloy to make your metal go a long way
  • Different types of alloy and their uses
  • How to alloy metal for pouring ingots
  • How to calculate thickness and width of stock for a variety of jewelry designs
  • How to determine the correct size ingot and mold type needed for the stock type you are creating
  • How to pour an ingot using the WHIP and ingot mold
  • How to de-burr metal and troubleshoot issues with your stock
  • How to properly anneal and quench a variety of metals for the best result
  • How to use a rolling mill to roll out metal to desired stock shapes and sizes - sheet, bezel, wire and specialty shapes
  • How to use a wire puller to create custom wire
  • How to use roller print patterns to create designs on your sheet and wire stock
  • What type of solder to use and when - along with a demonstration of proper torch techniques for soldering various types of precious metals
  • 2/3/2020 10:30am-6pm Jay Whaley BEZEL SETTING CABOCHONS  ON A VARIETY OF JEWELRY DESIGNS (featuring the Whaley Sliding Hammer)

    Bezel Setting Cabochons On A Variety Of Jewelry Designs (featuring the Whaley Sliding Hammer)
    Taught By: Jay Whaley

    Bezel set stones are the perfect enhancement to many different jewelry designs from rings and bracelets to earrings and pendants. Make your custom jewelry come alive when you feature beautiful stones expertly set!

    This class will give you the confidence you need to move your jewelry to the next level.

  • In this one day class students will learn:
  • How to determine the width and thickness of bezel for your stone
  • How to design the right back plate for supporting your bezel and enhancing your stone
  • How to custom fit bezel to the right shape and width for your stone(s) - even irregular stones
  • How to properly fit your stone into the bezel
  • How to properly solder the bezel closed
  • How to successfully solder bezel to your back plate
  • How to file, sand and buff your bezel for the perfect finish
  • How to prepare your ring, bracelet or other surface before attaching the finished bezel
  • How to solder your finished bezel to your ring, bracelet or other surface
  • How to use a variety of tools to set your stone, featuring the Whaley Sliding Hammer
  • How to do a perfect final polish on your piece, while protecting your stone
  • Beginner Fused Argentium Earrings With Dangling

    Beginner Fused Argentium Earrings With Dangling
    Taught By: Janet Alexander

    Prerequisites: Beginner
    Learn how to quickly create beautiful earrings in Argentium silver by fusing wire to sheet. Then cut out the shape using a jeweler’s saw. In this class learn how to use a torch and solder earring posts onto your earrings. Additionally, Janet shares her tips and tricks from her 40+ years of metalsmithing.

    Skills learned in this class:

    • Using a torch
    • Sawing metal
    • Choosing the correct saw blade
    • Soldering post to back of earrings
    • Fusing wire to argentium silver
    • Basic soldering tips

    Gypsy Setting Bracelet

    Gypsy Setting Bracelet
    Taught By: Janet Alexander

    Create this contemporary bracelet with two gypsy settings (also known as flush mount setting). Flush mount settings have no prongs they are set into the metal with the top of the stone even with the metal’s surface making a smooth transition from stone to metal.
    This is a short class teaching the skills for setting two to three stones.

    Skills learned in this class:
    • Gypsy setting skills
    • The parts of a faceted stone
    • Polishing metal to a high shine, what type of buff to use
    • Using wire for a bracelet
    • Layout techniques

    Shaping And Forming Plus Tools

    Shaping And Forming
    Plus Tools
    Taught By: Linda Larsen

    Learn how to move your metal and make it shaped the way you want. We will explore how to move and shape metal to create appealing shapes and surfaces. This technique will be helpful in any application. Shaping and forming the metal takes it from a flat machine formed sheet to a beautiful piece that shows it is handmade. This class works well for beginners and experienced metal workers alike. . Tool making will be discussed. The finished project can include a pair of earrings, pendant or key fob. The important part is learning to create.

    Architecture: Adding Height With Cold Connections

    Architecture: Adding Height With Cold Connections
    Taught By: Linda Larsen

    Architectural techniques help to give visual interest to your work. In this workshop you will learn riveting and cold connections which will allow you to add height and dimension. Building your repertoire of techniques will help make your pieces to more interesting and unique. Fabrication skills will set you free to be more creative in your own work and be able to resolve connection issues.

    Building Lockets And Using Hinges

    Building Lockets
    And Using Hinges
    Taught By: Linda Larsen

    Using cold connections along with shaping and forming techniques, you will create a special locket that you will treasure. Learning to make hinges will give you a new way to look at your creations and solve some of your design problems. Hinges also allow movement to make your pieces more interesting. Tool making will be discussed. Improve or learn to saw, drill, form, tab and rivet. Fabrication skills will set you free to be more creative in your own work and be able to resolve connection issues.

    Sparkling Night Woven Pendant

    Sparkling Night
    Woven Pendant
    Taught By: Albina Manning

    Make this stunning Wire woven Pendant using wire weaving techniques. No skills needed, but it is recommended that you are familiar with wire working.

    Braided Wire Bangles

    Braided Wire Bangles
    Taught By: Albina Manning

    These braided copper bracelets are classic, a little rustic and look great anytime. Students will master how to weave and shape the wire. You will make two different braided bracelets.
    The finished projects will be oxidized and polished to bring out the beautiful texture of the pattern.

    Puzzle Piece Raised Pendant

    Puzzle Piece
    Raised Pendant
    Taught By: Kim St. Jean

    Learn to master the jeweler's saw in this fun, fast-paced class. We'll saw three layers that can mimic each other as shown or be whatever shapes you want. They'll be cold connected together with a space between the two bottom layers. Create a custom setting for that cabochon you've been saving for something special.

    Rolling Mill Simplified

    Rolling Mill Simplified
    Taught By: Kim St. Jean

    In this class we will simplify the rolling mill so no matter what your texture medium is, you can roll with confidence. We'll texture various base metals with assorted texturing mediums, including standard plates, organic and inorganic materials. You'll leave with a new understanding of the settings and confidence with various textures. We will not be making finished jewelry pieces, this is a technique class.

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