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Component Necklace With Kim St Jean

Live Streamed Class For Just $7

* This class was previously streamed live, and is now available instantly upon purchase.

I'm Kim St. Jean, Jewelry Artist, Designer, and Author. I want to introduce you to a new class called “Component Necklace”. In this live streamed class you will learn how to make uniquely designed components which can be made into a necklace or used to enhance your own projects. We will be using techniques such as fold forming, prong soldering, cold connections, wire wrapping, and wire weaving. You will be able to combine components such as fossils, found objects, specimens, vintage jewelry, cabochons and beads.



Following ten years as a public school teacher, Kim combined her love of teaching with her creative talents and began teaching jewelry classes. Mostly self-taught, but with silversmithing mentorship from Dan Haga along the way, she now has been teaching jewelry classes for nearly twenty years. She is an award winning instructor, author and jewelry designer. Kim has been published in numerous magazines and books. She has appeared on several beading and craft television programs, and has written three books: "Mixed Metal Mania", "Metal Magic", and "Colorful Wired Jewelry". Kim was elected one of the Top Ten Instructors in the country by the attendees and staff of the Bead and Button show. Kim has also filmed over twenty stone setting videos for WireJewelry.com. Her husband Norm followed Kim in the jewelry arts after a twenty-five year career in textile management, and now travels with her assisting in the classroom. Their home base is in Myrtle Beach, SC, where they teach at their studio, Studio St. Jean. They can also be found teaching across the country at various clubs, guilds, bead shows and art shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Travel? What are the hotel arrangements? NO! That's the best benefit of what we're offering today. You can simply watch the class live on your computer, smart phone, tablet or iPad wherever you have an internet connection. After the class is over a replay will be made available so you can watch the class again and again, and go over it as many times as you need to. Later, if you choose our DVD upgrade option, we'll send you a DVD recording of the class, edited to make it quick and easy to follow along.

Will I Be Able To Ask Questions During The Class? Yes! Each class will include live chat, we'll do our best to get to every question however, if we have 1,000 students we may not have time to answer every question. In our previous Streaming Classes we've been able to successfully answer every question with hundreds of students watching. Our support team will do their best to collect the most common questions and get live answers from the instructors.

Will The Classes Be Recorded Yes! We will live stream the classes, and then shortly after you will be able to access the class video replay, as if you were watching live. After that, we'll be editing these classes and making DVDs that will also be available.

What If I Can't Attend Live?All the classes will be recorded, and you get digital replay access with your purchase of the classes.

How much do these classes cost? We've created a special discount pricing schedule for all the classes. Click the link to check availability, and choose the classes you'd like and you'll see what it would cost to attend the classes you're interested in.

What about supply kits? After you register for the classes you want, a supply kit list will be provided and you'll have the opportunity to purchase the supplies that will be used in class.

What Types of Devices Work? Any device with a good internet connection, that could play a youtube video or any other online video format will work.  

iPhones - Yes!
iPads - Yes!
Android Smart Phones - Yes!
Android Tablets - Yes!
Apple Computers - Yes!
Windows Computers - Yes!
Microsoft Surface - Yes!
Google Chrome Cast - Yes!
Anything else you can think of? 
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