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Discover the secret to making beautiful ear cuffs
worth $50
for less than $3 a pair!

Includes Our Best Bonus Ever!

When you order "Ear Cuff Designs by Alex Simkin" today, you will receive Ear Cuff pliers ($34.95 value) AND a 3 Video Bonus Set ($104.85 value), absolutely FREE.

"I'm so excited to share my NEVER-BEFORE FILMED Ear Cuff techniques, in this series.
These designs are one-of-a-kind!"

Alex Simkin,
Jewelry Designer & Inventor of The Ear Vine!

The Story Behind The Design

When Alex first immigrated to America, he began making jewelry with his brother to earn a living. Now he makes a full-time income doing what he loves, participating in over 40 jewelry shows each year.

Alex has created some of the most unique earring designs the world has ever seen. Ear Cuffs are an innovative design that allows you to decorate your ear without having any piercings at all.

Today, The Ear Vine is a trademarked design, the Ear Vine and Ear Cuff are custom-made and available only through Alex himself.

Until now, he's never shared his secret...

And over the past 30 years, he has designed literally hundreds of variations on the technique, and has invented many, many new ways to make these unique ear cuffs, vines, and more.

For the last several years, I've been chasing Alex.

I've followed him to trade shows and state fairs, and called him repeatedly on the phone. His techniques are so unique and special that he has never allowed them to be captured on film.

Finally, Alex agreed to come to our jewelry studios and film a 6 Video set. Alex is a one-of-a-kind jewelry legend, a simple man with an incredible story. One of my favorite parts about this video series is its extraordinary value; you will earn your investment back by simply selling only 5 pairs of finished earrings.

Once you discover these innovative ear cuff techniques, not only will you have added a captivating gem to your personal collection, but you'll also transform the way you approach your wire earring creations forever!

What You will Discover in "Ear Cuff Designs by Alex Simkin"

Video 1

Ear Cuffs Video 1

Video 2

Ear Cuffs Video 2

Video 3

Ear Cuffs Video 3

Video 4

Ear Cuffs Video 4

Video 5

Ear Cuffs Video 5

Video 6

Ear Cuffs Bonus Video 1

By now you're thinking, how much will these cost me?

Before I tell you, let me remind you what you get:

- Ear Cuff Designs Video 1
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Designs Video 2
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Designs Video 3
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Designs Video 4
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Designs Video 5
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Designs Video 6
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Designs Bonus Video 1
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Designs Bonus Video 2
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Designs Bonus Video 3
($34.95 Retail Value)

- Ear Cuff Pliers
($34.95 Retail Value)

Total Value: $349.50!

However, you are not going to pay $349.50, and you're not even going to pay $250.

First of all, the last 3 videos are going to be included absolutely free.

Secondly, the Dual Size Round Nose Pliers that retail for $34.95 will also be included 100% free with your order today.

As an additional Bonus when you order NOW, I will give you 50 feet of practice wire so you can get started making Ear Cuffs right away. This will include 25 feet of 21 Gauge round full hard copper wire and 25 feet of 21 gauge round full hard red brass wire.

In addition to these bonuses, I am offering you a special 43% OFF sale price for this course, valid only this week.

Exclusive Bonus Package Worth $150 Absolutely FREE!

Bonus Video 1

Bonus Video 1

Bonus Video 2

Bonus Video 2

Bonus Video 3 | Ear Cuff Pliers | 50 Feet Practice Wire

Bonus Video 3

These Best-Selling Pliers were made Exclusively for Wire Jewelry

Ear Cuff Pliers

Aside from the fact that we can never keep them in stock because they are so popular these pliers feature:

- Unique Long Graduated Barrels
(over 40mm long)

- 2 Different Size Barrels
(shape from 2mm to 9mm)

- Special Grip Black Handle

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know you'll find this video series invaluable!
That's why we're extending our 30-Day Guarantee!

After receiving The Ear Cuff Designs Video Series, if you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, you may return it with a note describing why you are disappointed for a FULL REFUND, anytime within 3 months! That's 90 days. No fine print, no questions asked. It's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about supply kits? We supply you with Ear Cuff Pliers, and 50ft of Wire so that you can get started creating Ear Cuffs immediately!

Where do I watch the video? Once you've purchased the video series it will be automatically added to your WireJewelry.com account under 'Streaming Videos'. If you don't have an account yet, no worries, we'll automatically create one for you during your order and email the details.

What types of devices work? Any device with a good internet connection, that could play a youtube video or any other online video format will work.   iPhones - Yes! iPads - Yes! Android Smart Phones - Yes! Android Tablets - Yes! Apple Computers - Yes! Windows Computers - Yes! Microsoft Surface - Yes! Google Chrome Cast - Yes!   Anything else you can think of?  Give us a call and we can tell you if it will work or not 877-636-0608

What if I have more questions? Our Customer Service team is standing by and ready to help you with any questions you might have, feel free to give us a call: 877-636-0608